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Getting Started

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Key features of the CSE mobile

  • Digital account opening and onboarding
  • Research and data
  • Interactive educational content
  • Corporate news and videos
  • Single login for all CSE digital services


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STEP 1 OF 9 : Register Account

Click on the Triaxial Ribbon to display CSE Services

STEP 2 OF 9 : Register Account

Select one of the above two options to commence the initial registration process

STEP 3 OF 9 : Register Account

Fill in your Personal Information

STEP 4 OF 9 : Register Account

Fill in your Residential Information

STEP 5 OF 9 : Register Account

Fill in your Bank account details

STEP 6 OF 9 : Register Account

Fill in your Employment Details

STEP 7 OF 9 : Register Account

Politically Exposed person questionnaire to be filled accordingly

STEP 8 OF 9 : Register Account

A few documents to be uploaded a. A selfie b. Both sides of your NIC c. Proof of Bank account (e.g.: an image of a statement that includes your personal details)

STEP 9 OF 9 : Register Account

Select your preferred language, Read and understand the terms and conditions document, Stock Broker agreement and the declaration documents.

Download Forms

CDS and Broker related supporting documents